We orthoBOT_X, a company inspired in digital transformations, collaborating with world-leading experts who have proven their expertise, to help prosthetics and orthotics business owners and professionals to educate, guide and lead them to remain successful.
The prosthetics and orthotics industry is the only industry in medical, the clinicians have to consult the patients and same time manufacture a medical device. Many of the time in current workflow, the professionals has to compromise the quality time they could spend with their patients or instead of seeing more patients in their clinic, they end up spending most of their time in the workshop for rectification and fabrications. the result is that the clinicians not only tired of these hectic jobs but also affects the efficacy of the products.

Many world-leading P&O companies started taking measures to tackle these issues by implementing digital workflows. It is been tested successfully over the past few years. technologies like 3D scanning, CAD designing, Robotic carving, 3D printing and much more helped these companies to reduce their patient waiting list and also helped to grow their business

We,orthoBOT_X is a start-up company partnered with world-leading game-changers in the industry to help P&O companies in the Middle East to connect with these companies, Whether you want to learn a new technique, plan your next state of the art workshop, distribute innovative products or even troubleshoot a technical error…we are much closer to you.